Here are 20 of the Maxine comedy’ funniest and most touching scenes that will make your day.

In a world where stress and negativity frequently rule our everyday lives, finding moments of humor and lightness is crucial. The cherished Maxine comics are one source of happiness that has delighted many people. In 1986, John Wagner penned the witty and perceptive Maxine. She’s known for her sharp mind and ability to pull practical pranks. You’ll laugh out loud reading this blog post, which highlights 20 of the funniest and cutest scenes from Maxine comics. You will come away from Maxine’s humor with an infectious smile and a fresh appreciation for the lighter side of life, thanks to her clever comebacks and bold attitude on life.

1. Introduction to Maxine and her creator

Maxine, the feisty and caustic character from the popular Maxine comics, has become an iconic figure in the humor and wit world. Maxine was conceived by John Wagner. She is well known for her piercing tongue, quick wit, and clever one-liners that always make you smile. Maxine’s character perfectly embodies an old woman with a unique perspective on life who is authentic and unapologetically herself.


John Wagner, the brains of Maxine, drew inspiration from his mother and her friends—vibrant language enthusiasts with loads of personality. Creating a persona that would elicit laughter and a sense of relatability from readers of all ages was his aim. And that was just what he did.

Since her conception, Maxine has won over millions of hearts with her realistic reflections on life, aging, and everything in between, coupled with her funny quips. Her cartoons can brighten your day and offer a welcome break from the ordinary with a healthy dose of humor and joy. Maxine always leaves an impression with her unique perspective, whether she’s joking about technology, giving advise on love, or just expressing her thoughts about everyday occurrences.


This blog post, which features 20 of the sweetest and funniest moments from the Maxine comics, is sure to make you smile. So settle in, relax, and get ready to go on an absurd journey through Maxine’s universe, where you will undoubtedly laugh and feel better.









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