22 Funny Maxine Comics to Boost Your Self Esteem


 John Wagner’s enduring Maxine has become a beloved phenomenon thanks to her sharp mind and snarky nature. Her witty one-liners and deft comebacks never fail to make us smile. We’ll look at some of Maxine’s most endearing and humorous moments in this section, which is sure to brighten your day.

1. “Age is just a number, and wrinkles are just God’s way of saying you’ve laughed a lot in your lifetime.”
2. “I may not be perfect, but at least I’m not pretending to be.”
3. “I once attempted to act normally. I’ve never spent five minutes so dull in my life.”
4. “My doctor advised me to limit my alcohol intake. Consequently, I now drink in front of a mirror to prevent spills.”
5. “Mornings are not my thing. I’m not really an afternoon person at all.”
6. “I’ve reached the age where my train of thought often leaves the station without me.”

7. “I don’t need a personal trainer, I need someone to follow me around and slap the unhealthy food out of my hands.”

8. “I don’t require anger control. Simply said, you must cease bothering me.”

9. “Is there a way to live a happy life? An plenty of goodies and a sharp sense of humor.”

10. “I’m vintage, not old. similar to a vintage automobile or a good wine.”

11. “I don’t have gray hair, I have wisdom-highlights.”

12. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that chocolate fixes everything.”


13. “I talk to myself, of course. I occasionally need professional guidance.”


14. “Although I’m getting older, my spirit is still young. and a little older elsewhere.”


17. “Those who argue that ‘less is more’ are incomprehensible. Undoubtedly, more is more.”


18. “I don’t require a timepiece. Every morning, my grandchildren wake me up.”


19. “I’m not being ironic. I simply say my mind clearly.”


20. “Unless you’re a cheese, age doesn’t matter.”

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