20 FS Comics Funny Strips That Will Brighten Your Day

20 FS Comics Funny Strips That Will Brighten Your Day


Far Side Comics: Get ready to be carried away into the fantastical world of Gary Larson’s masterpiece, The Far Side Comics. Prepare yourself for a thought-provoking voyage filled with humor, wit, and an eccentric group of people who have drawn readers in for decades.

Step inside Larson’s fascinating universe, where the lines separating fact from fiction are deliciously blurred. Learn about daily life through Larson’s distinct humor and sarcasm combination. Watch people laughingly deal with strange situations, watch anthropomorphic animals have intelligent discussions, and more.

If you want some lighter humor to brighten your day, look no further than FS Comics. Because of their unique and quirky style, FS Comics offers readers a variety of funny comic strips that are sure to put a smile on your face.

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20 Hilarious Humor Comics are Packed with Wise Jokes

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#1. Hip Replacement

#2. Didn’t Believe

#3. Obsessed

#4. Petting Zoo

#5. Experimental German Treatment

#6. Good News!

#7. When life gives you lemons

#8. Warmer

#9. Does it hurt?

#10. Graduation Gowns

#11. Awkward

#12. Not Much

#13. Stop doing that!

#14. Blog

#15. That’s a scratching

#16. Remember

#17. Morning in Hell

#18. Exploded

#19. Loading

#20. Preferred

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